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Non-Surgical Butt-Lifts: Everything you need to know about bum injections

Published on: 20 Dec 2019, 11:28 a.m.

Mr Debashis Ghosh

NHS Consultant
GMC Number: 4657664

Medically reviewed by a licensed NHS consultant
Last updated: 15/08/2019

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Table of contents 
What are Butt Injections?
Am I a candidate for Butt Injections?
Different types of Butt Filler
Butt Injections Procedure
Butt Injections Recovery
Butt Injections Side Effects
Butt Injections Results
Before and After Photographs
Butt Injections Cost
Finding a Practitioner

What are Butt Injections?

Butt injections also known as non-surgical butt-lifts have risen in popularity throughout the years. The procedure involves injecting filler into the buttocks, in order to reshape and/or resize the region. Butt injections offer a safer solution to a Brazilian butt lift, providing more subtle natural results with no downtime. 

PhotoCredit: ShutterStock/B-D-S Piotr Marcinski

Am I a candidate for Butt Injections?

If you're thinking about having butt injections, it is important to understand the advantages and disadvantages of cosmetic surgery. Patients should realise that butt injections are not permanent and offer natural results.

In general, you are a good candidate if you agree with the following:

•    You wish to avoid invasive surgery
•    You do not have enough excess fat for a Brazilian butt lift.
•    You are insecure about the appearance of your buttocks
•    You are realistic about the results.
•    You want a firmer, smoother and plumper buttock

Speak with your surgeon if you are concerned with any of the above. 

Different types of Butt Filler

1. Sculptra- Off label 

•    This is the most popular filler for a non-surgical Brazilian bum lift 
•    Adds size to your buttocks
•    Gives long-lasting results by encouraging your body to create more collagen

2. Hyaluronic acid filler

•    Is usually injected into the face. However, in large quantities the filler can plump and shape the buttocks. 
•    Only creates temporary results, before the filler is reabsorbed into your body (around 6-9 months).  

3. Silicone and hydrogel injections 

•    Are illegal 
•    Are cheaper than other fillers
•    Only give temporary results
•    Are often extremely dangerous and not authorised for use in the UK.  

Butt Injections Procedure

Butt injections do not require general anaesthetic, although ice or a topical anaesthetic is often applied.
After which the doctor will start to inject the filler (using a fine cannular) deep into the buttocks. The amount of filler injected will depend on your desired results. 

The procedure takes no longer than an hour. 

Butt Injections Recovery

When it comes to recovering from butt injections, many patients suffer from bruising and swelling, although this should fade within 7-10 days. 

Minimal downtime is required, and patients should be able to return to work within one day and exercise within three days. 

Butt Injections Side Effects

As with any plastic procedure, risks are inevitable. Some side effects may include: 

•    Infections 
•    Tissue death
•    Scarring
•    Swelling 
•    Bruising 
•    Redness
•    Lumps under the skin 
•    Discoloration

Butt Injections Results

Results should be visible straight after your procedure! 

Butt injections generally last for 18-24 months before it is recommended to get a top up/touch up. Although some patients see their results lasting several years.  

Before and After Photographs

PhotoCredit: ShutterStock/ Africa Studio 

Butt Injections Cost

 Prices for butt injections vary hugely, depending on a number of factors such as geographical location and the amount of filler you desire (measured in ml). In general, butt injections cost approximately £1000 to £5000.

Finding a Practitioner

Warning: many disreputably clinics are illegally injecting butt filler. It is vital you find a fully licensed practitioner, who is registered on the General Medical Council.

When choosing a plastic surgeon be sure to ask them about their certifications and experience. Furthermore, it is recommended to ask for previous client results to ensure you like their work, along with any reviews. 

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