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Journal Articles

Botox: Is it right for you?

14 Nov 2017

Botox was first introduced in 1978, and can be used for multiple reasons. So is it right for you?

Millennials spend more on friend's celebrations than families, with over 35% feeling they must impress them more

13 Nov 2017

Millennials spend more on friend’s celebrations than families, with over 35% feeling they must impress them more

A guide to Cryotherapy

9 Nov 2017

Cryotherapy details how the use of ice, or very cold materials, to help treat a problemThe practise of Cryotherapy is the practice of using ice, or very cold materials, to treat a problem.

90% of Surgeons Are Seeing an Increase in Patients Who Are Misinformed about Cosmetic Surgery

24 Mar 2017

Rather worryingly, 90% of surgeons are seeing an increase in patients who are dangerously misinformed about cosmetic surgery.

The Revolution of Permanent Make-Up

16 Jan 2017

No matter your age, permanent make-up has the ability to benefit anyone who desires a soft and natural enhancement of their everyday features.

The Rise in Cosmetic Surgery for Men

11 Jan 2017

Why is it, that whenever we think of cosmetic surgery, we are quick to assume only women are the first to jump on the cosmetic surgery bandwagon?

The Rise of Cosmetic Tourism

9 Jan 2017

2015 saw a 12.6 percent rise in cosmetic surgery from 2014. This increase is likely due to more openness from celebrities having surgery done.

What are your financial options for cosmetic surgery?

5 Jan 2017

The NHS sometimes covers cosmetic procedures including rhinoplasty (nose job), breast augmentation/reduction, eyelid surgery.